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Union Pacific Team

As growers that have been working in Chile for over 25 years, we have had the chance to know the farmer life first hand. This path has lead us to discover the benefits and the difficulties that farmers have to go through every day. We have been looking for the solution so that they can profit properly off their work, which is why we created "JUST".


Our objective is to provide growers with a fair and honest business model, this way they can profit properly off their hard work when selling to supermarkets.  

UPAC Fruit Team

How it all started...

As mentioned above, JUST was born of UPAC's necessity to sell fruit in a fair, JUST and transparent way. We work in creating the most possible direct contact in between the farmer and supermarket, so that the final clients receives JUST fruit, directly from the field. We aim to present to supermarkets and clients the sweetness of fair trade.

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